Youth Exchanges, Training and Volunteering

Who we are

Since 2006 active in the Milan territory

activism and volunteering

No Borders is a volunteering association born thanks to a group of young people wanting to develope their own ideas indipendently The youngsters involved have had all different international experiences and had built expertise in the management of European projects together with Associazione Joint, that is actively running since 2005 in the Milan territory.

The purpose of the association is to give young people the possibility to experience international mobility. To do so, it pursues the following actions:

● Intercultural learning;
● Forstering cultural openness;
● Developing skills and competences;
● Encouraging the youngsters’ active participation in society;

The topics of No Borders

Media, Communications and Public Opinion

Sport as an educational tool

Videomaking and Photography

Arts and Creativity

Multicultural Society and anti-racism

Youth Unemployment

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